Hi, I'm Stormie.

I'm part of Petra's pack. I actually came to this pack before Petra did.

In October of 2018, my Mom passed away. Losing Mom was really hard. I went through some sadness and was scared and did not know what was going to happen to me. So, I became very shy and did not always act like the cute dog that I was with my Mom. Some of Mom's family tried to let me live with them but because of the fact that I was trying to recover from losing her, I was kind of a handful, I guess so after they all gave me a try, they decided to surrender me to a rescue. I really don't like that word surrender...who surrendered? Not me!

Well, a friend of this lady named, Chris...ironically, it was the same friend that was part of Petra's story, told Chris about me. The plan was for me to live with Chris until I felt better, but once Chris helped me get through losing my Mom, well you never get through that but you know what I mean, she couldn't put me through another adjustment. Ms. Chris decided to make my stay with her and her family a permanent stay and I'm so glad that she did. 

I love my fur-siblings. I can tell when they don't feel good. I play when they want to play. I rest when they want to rest. I love Ms. Chris/Mom too. I make her smile. She tells me I make her happy amidst all the chaos...that makes me feel good. I used to do that for my previous Mom too.

Well, in June of 2021, Mom found 3-4 little bumps on my belly that she didn't think felt right. She thought right. She took me to see one of our veterinarians and he said they should be removed. So, I had a big surgery and they sent those bumps off for a biopsy. The biopsy report said the bumps were malignant but that surgery got it all. I won't have to have any more surgeries until more of those bumps come up. Mom checks my belly often for more bumps, which I don't mind. I like belly rubs.

So, that's the long and short of my story. Mom tells me I'm the CUTEST.DOG.EVER! How can a girl not feel special when she hears that?

I'm sure I will check in again.


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