My journey continues

After a few weeks of recovery from my first mastectomy, my veterinarian recommended having the other mammary chain removed, so back to surgery I went. 

I did so well recovering from my first surgery that we hoped recovery would go as smoothly with the second, but it didn't. 

First let me tell you about the t-shirt I'm wearing. Mom calls it a recovery suit. It is much better than wearing the big lamp shade on my head. I wore one of those when I got spayed and not only did I not like, but my Mom and siblings didn't either. I kept running into them. So, Mom tried a suit on me and it worked great! It was really comfortable for me and made me feel good.

Back to my second surgery. Surgery itself went really well and guess what, no malignancy was found in it! Mom was happy about that! However, I developed some swelling inside my thigh a few days after my surgery. Mom took me to the vet and he wrapped it. I had to wear the wrap AND my suit. It was weird! 

Well, that swelling just wouldn't go away and it got hard. 

Mom, the vet and I have worked through that swelled area for almost a month. It finally started to soften and hopefully is going away. I thought I was FINALLY going to get to stop taking medicine, but one day while Mom was checking that bubble, she noticed some weird growths down between my legs by where I pee-pee. So, NOW, I have to take medicine for another week and Mom is keeping a close eye on those lumps. 

Canine Cancer is no fun...NO CANCER IS FUN...I'm thankful God put me with this family though. Mom told me from the very beginning that we are in this TOGETHER and that I have say in what happens. 

Stay tuned...


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