MaryLouise leaves the pack.

Mary Louise came to live with the Scholl pack in 2012. She was found by someone driving through Oklahoma who took her to a wonderful rescue called Wildheart Ranch Wildlife Rescue. Mary was believed to be pregnant. The Scholls met Mary and fell in love with her and brought her home on Christmas Day. That is how she got the name Mary. Mary was 8 years old when she was adopted by the Scholls. A year later, in 2013, Mr. Scholl passed away from complications with diabetes. 

Mary remained a loyal friend to Mrs. Scholl. The Scholl pack began to change as pack members passed away and new members came in, but Mary was tried and true. She was the most easy going, quiet dog of the pack. Mary was tough.

In 2019, Mrs. Scholl published a children's book featuring Mary and her beloved, beagle sister, Hannah. That children's book is called, MAryLou's Purpose Blooms and is about a sunflower who compares herself to other flowers. She sees other flowers as prettier, smarter, and funnier. Some flowers can sing, dance, and paint pretty pictures, but all MaryLou has is a bunch of seeds to share with others. Her friend, Hannah helps her see that God created her for a special purpose and that He has something in store for the seeds in her circle. 

In August, of 2021, Mrs. Scholl went on a short trip to visit her parents. On her way home, the pet sitter let Mrs. Scholl know that Mary was sick. Veterinarians were never really able to pinpoint what was wrong with Mary, but she stopped eating and became very weak. A week later, Mrs. Scholl made the difficult decision to let her Mary Louise go.

It's never enough time with them. 


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