My best life lies ahead.

 Well, it's me, Petra. It has been a roller coaster of a ride the last two weeks. I have a new growth down in my vaginal area. At first, it was thought to be an abscess. However, at my last vet visit, my doctor tried to drain the abscess but the abscess was so thick that all she got was blood. She sent me home with my FOURTH round of antibiotics with hopes that it would start to dissolve. A few days later, the vet called Mom and told her she put the blood that she got that day under a microscope and noticed some of the cells have begun to cluster, which I guess is not good. Also, antibiotics were not helping. 

Mom talked to another doc yesterday who would do surgery if surgery would help. However, because of where the new tumor is - it's too close to other things - surgery would not benefit because he would not be able to get all of the tumor. While we are thankful for no surgery, we are sad to know there seems to be nothing more to do. 

But WAIT! There is something to my best life and that's what Mom, my pack and I intend to do.

As the tumor grows, Mom may opt to have it "debulked" to keep me comfortable, but we will face that decision when the time comes.


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