Update on Petra from Petra.

It has been a roller coaster ride here. 

I had my second mastectomy July 14, or so. A few days later, a large fluid filled sack developed on the inside of one of my back legs. Mom took me to the vet and he wrapped it, I guess that's a thing. I looked pretty funny, but it did feel kinda good.

Well, that growth didn't get any better, in fact it got hard. The vet put me on another round of antibiotics...two kinds. One of them made me sick to my tummy, but eventually made the growth soft and it started to go away. But, Mom found a really hard growth down in my vaginal area while checking the one on my leg. The vet took a look at it and hoped the antibiotics would help it too, but they didn't.

Last week, Mom took me to the vet again and they poked me and put the fluid under a microscope. She didn't see any cancer cells. She tried to drain the growth, but couldn't get anything but blood. She sent me home with my FOURTH round of antibiotics. A few days later, she called Mom and told her she looked at the blood under a microscope and could see clusters of cells, which I guess is not good. The growth is still very hard and pretty uncomfortable. The vet told Mom she talked to other vets in the clinic and they all feel like the growth is another tumor. Mom cried. The vet recommended that I have another surgery. 

I have an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday so he can see the growth himself and see what he thinks. 

Meanwhile, Mom has started me on some medicine that she has heard about. We are both hoping it will help, so that I don't have to have surgery again. Actually, all I want is for this to go away because it feels weird and some times makes me walk funny. 

I'm fighting and Mom is right there with me. 


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