My girls and Me

Here's a pic of me and my sisters, Stormie, (THE.CUTEST.DOG.EVER - no, that doesn't make me jealous because she is cute! 😉) and HoneyBee. Both of these girls came to live with the Scholl pack when their owners past away. Stormie was a member of the pack before me, and HoneyBee came in after me. However, Mom used to walk Honey every day because she lived with an elderly lady in a condo that didn't have a yard. Mom would take me to walk her often, so Honey and I were friends before she joined our pack. 

I'm still feeling pretty good. The tumor down by my vaginal area is getting bigger, but does not hinder my activity yet. Mom is concerned about it opening up and becoming a sore, so she watches it closely. It makes me a little uncomfortable sometimes, but I can handle it for now. 

The pack and I are just getting ready for the Fall weather. It kind of feels like Fall today, so it's really nice.

This is just a quick check-in. Be sure to check out our store. Income from purchases made at the store goes toward the pack's veterinarian care. Mom also has a physical store at a place in Tulsa called The Market at Walnut Creek.   There's a good restaurant there, so go grab brunch and check out the fun shops.


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