‘Bye for Now

 Well, my cancer and I have been fighting for about 6 months, but it finally won last weekend. I was doing pretty well, but getting weaker and weaker. One Friday, I took a turn for the worse. Mom took me to an emergency vet in the middle of the night. My sister, Stormie, AKA CUTEST.DOG.EVER insisted on going with us. The vet did an ultrasound on my abdomen and found that the cancer had spread there. We believe it had spread elsewhere as well. Mom decided to let me rest and relieve my struggles. My sister, Stormie, laid back-to-back with me as I slipped into my deep sleep. 

When Mom and Stormie left the vet hospital, Stormie climbed into Mom’s lap. She wanted to ride in her lap for a while...maybe to comfort Mom or to comfort herself.  Mom finally made her move to the passenger seat. As they continued the drive home, Mom saw a falling star. I dropped it from Heaven for her and Stormie to see so they would know I was ok and that I loved them.

My family will miss me. The last 2 1/2 years have been full of a life and love that I didn’t know existed in my first 8-9 years. I am grateful.

The others in my pack will continue to post and share their stories. As for me...let's just say, I thought I had discovered this place called Heaven when I came to live with my pack, but now I have definitely discovered the REAL HEAVEN and I think I'll stay here. So...

'Bye for now, y'all


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