Sleeping In

 Happy Friday.  My pack and I haven't shared in a while. It's been pretty busy around here. See, we host four-legged guests often and have had several visitors over the last few weeks. It has finally quieted down to where it is just us Scholls for now. 

I have been slow to get up in the mornings because the nights have been kinda rough lately. This tumor is getting pretty painful and, honestly, I think Mom is getting worried that it is growing and starting to effect my insides. But, I've still got pep.  I LOVE to eat thanks to some medicine that I have been on for a few weeks and I still love to be outside to enjoy the sunshine.  

My sister, Stormie has a new growth that Mom is worried about, so she is going to see one of our docs on Sunday. She found out she has breast cancer about the same time I did, but her's is a little "nicer."

I and my pack are just living the best lives we can with our Mom who loves us to pieces. 

Hope you are all doing good. Enjoy the Fall Sunshine when it comes, I know I'm going to!


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