Duffy's bath

 Duffy is the grandpa, Pack Member...he is the longest standing member of the Scholl Pack. When Duffy first came into our lives, he was a hot mess. He was recovering from demodectic mange and was thin, both results of malnourishment. He was with a rescue, and we fostered him through our doggy daycare and pet hotel. When Duffy was healthy, he was adopted by a young family. A few months later, they returned Duffy because his skin had gotten bad again and he was lame in 3 of his 4 legs...he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. When he was returned, we brought him to our home and that's where he has been since then. That was in 2010. Duffy got healthy and was, in fact, a handful but he was happy. He was the only one of our dogs that actually played with toys. He would play catch and run around the back yard. Quite a different dog than when we first met him.  But, now, age has caught up to him. He has skin issues again and his joints don't allow him to be as playful and active as he once was. With his skin issues, Duffy has to have regular baths. He pretends he doesn't like them, but I think he does. The warm water feels good on his joints and the bath helps his skin feel better for a few days until it's time for another bath. 

I have started him on a gravy-type food topper called Bolo Broth for his joints and just recently started spraying Silver on his food for his skin. The Bolo Broth has helped him not be on prescription meds that can damage his kidneys...at least for now. 

I love this big galloot. He has seen many pack members come and go, including the grand pack member, my late husband, Patrick. Like the others, he makes me smile on a daily basis.


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