Stormie's surgery

Stormie, AKA, THE.CUTEST.DOG.EVER had surgery 2 weeks ago to remove a suspicious lump inside one of her back legs. She actually had 3-5 little pebble sized growths removed a few months ago, right before her sister, Petra had her surgeries. The report of those little growths came back as cancerous, so we were a little nervous about this growth. Thankfully, she came through surgery with flying colors and the growth was just a subcutaneous cell. The Pack was ready for some GOOD NEWS for a change. 

Stormie misses her sister, Petra, so do I and so does the rest of the Pack. But, for today, I celebrate the good news for my Stormie D. She makes me smile on a daily basis. With that face, how could I not smile?



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