Duffy's new venture begins.

 Duffy, lovingly known as the grandpa of the Pack, is going to visit a clinic tomorrow to see about the option of acupuncture. Duffy has severe arthritis in both of his back legs and hips. When Duffy first came to live with the Scholl Pack, he was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease similar to Lupus. Between that diagnosis 10 years ago and about a year ago, Duffy was able to run and play with just a little bit of stiffness, but now, today, he has a hard time simply walking outside to do his business. He spends a lot of time in his bed(s).

In efforts to avoid prescription medications as long as I can, he is going to visit Animal Acupuncture of Tulsa to see if they can offer him any relief. Duffy has so much determination and fight in him, I am excited to see if they are able to allow that determination to pay off.  Duffy has been on a joint supplement called Bolo Broth that can be found in our Petra and Pack SHOP. I recently started him a Rimadyl once a day, which does give him so relief. Anyway, please be praying we can come up with a plan that will help this old guy out and not break his "Momma's" bank.


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