Bringing the New into the New

 It's been a while since the last Pack update. 

In August of 2022, the Pack welcomed a new addition. Her name was Penelope, but her name became Laura...Little Laura Lane to be exact when she joined the Scholl Pack. Laura is 6 years old. Her first 6 years were not all that great. She was uncared for and birthed several litters of puppies. She found her way to a lady in Texas, who then told another lady about her, and that lady happened to be my Mom's hairdresser. Mom then told me about her and the rest is history. I went to Texas to visit my parents and brought this little sweet thing back to Oklahoma.

She has settled in with the pack quite well. Yes, she's sweet, but she is also feisty, playful, and silly. All that rolled up into a super cute package with pony-tail ears. We are doing our best to give her her best life.

The rest of the pack is doing well. We will try to be better about updates and news.


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