Celebrating our Veterinarians

 Those in the Veterinarian field are facing an emotional and mental battle. According to Not One More Vet, Inc, 1 in 6 veterinarians has at least considered suicide. Between working long hours, being short staffed, facing higher demand because more homes have pets, we seem to love our pets more and want more for them, and their compassion is stretched beyond all measures...it's an emotional and mental battle they fight EVERY DAY! Not One More Vet, Inc, provides necessary support to those in the field who are struggling. June 17 is Veterinarian appreciation day. I am joining forces with Dog is Good for Good and NOMV to raise funds and awareness for NOMV's mission. I encourage all pet owners to take a moment during the week of June 12-17 to THANK their veterinarians and their staff. Please consider taking a goodie basket or other treat to them during that week to encourage and thank them for all they do for your pets. And please consider a donation to our campaign at  Dog is Good for Good. Or visit the SHOP link and a percentage of any purchase will be go to Dog is Good for NOMV.


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